Sunday, April 21, 2013

Vaginal Care - How To Avoid Hpv, Bv, And Yeast Infections

As we all know, the vagina is easily affected when you're not be cautious causing you to get bv, hpv or even a yeast infection. These three vaginal infections are common in women. The vaginal is like a tunnel and when introduced to bacteria, can react negativelt by having a foul smell and gross discharge.

As a women myself, I've had bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. I learned that vaginas react to a dirty finger as well.

A little "friend" of mine had used his finger on me and it was dirty. We were outside and he didn't wash his hands before doing so. Later on that night, my vagina had a foul smell but it subsided, thank goodness. I didn't think it would subside quick as it did but I was thankful it did. 

You can get a yeast infection from eating unhealthy foods and using birth control pills. I attempted getting on birth control pills a little before my gorgeous daughter came until it gave me a yeast infection. The white discharge had no smell but it was coming out like a fart sound. I couldn't take it. I stopped taking the birth control and drank water and the yeast infection stopped. Yes water did the trick!

It's just important to control what you do and be more cautious when it comes to the vagina. 

I know Hpv is similar but more serious than a yeast infection and bv. Just know you are not alone with your vaginal problems!