Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Girl With The Ongoing Bacterial Infection

Lindsay was a sex addict who seemed to have a bacterial infection that just wouldn't go away. She spent so much time at the doctors to get treatment. It seemed like it would go away but it would just come right back and the smell will bounce from foul to mild. She continued having sex with her sex partner Jerome. She would just wash herself good and squirt water in her vagina. She grew stressed since nothing seemed to work. She didn't want to live life knowing her vagina was out of order.

Lindsay started thinking maybe it was more than just a bacterial infection since it kept coming back. It made her sad to think how she would have to carry lots of scented items for her stinky coo-coo. The doctor told her it was a bacterial infection but she still wasn't convinced. How could she be? Jerome gave her oral but she was conscience about how she was smelling at the moment he did it. She was on edge making sure he didn't notice a stinch. Maybe it was from him going in raw. Jerome and Lindsay did it raw occasionally but it started getting frequently. Maybe this was a different kind of bacterial infection.

                                                         To Be Continued..