Wednesday, April 17, 2013

La Weight Loss - A Beautiful Short And Motivational Story

There was a girl named Dianne Saunders who was in the 9th grade but weighed at 350 pounds. She always dreamed of weight loss but ate too much to work out. She had people that teased her and told her she should go on La Weight Loss. She cried and got sad but really thought it over. She was thought about how she could lose weight fast but knew at her size it would take time. She went home that day crying to her mother and her mother was hurt to her heart that her daughter had went through so much in school that day. She allowed Dianne to take off from school then Dianne brought it to her mother's attention that she wanted to actually try La Weight Loss. Her mother made sure she was sure of it before approval. Weight loss fast was on Dianne's mind. She wanted to prove she could lose weight and be beautiful because she attractive but she a little too big to date someone her age. 1 month later Dianne cried but worked out tremendously and loss 10 pounds a day. She worked herself because she had a goal. She ended up losing 220 pounds. She went to school and got into the school program that she was lucky enough to catch and they sueezed her in to share her journey of weight loss. People cheered for her and apologized one by one. She inspired other people to follow their personal dreams.