Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Adult Finder Killer

Malcolm was obsessed with the Adult Finder website. He remember when he us to think it was a fake until he used it one day. He had the house to himself for the whole month and went to the Adult Finder website and a girl named Kate popped up. She was Caucasian like he and very pretty with some round boobs and a nice shaped face. Her teeth were neat. Her voice wasn't too high pitched like some Caucasian woman he came across. Kate was 19 and Malcolm was 23. She seemed older than that but she was legal and that's all that mattered. They scheduled a meeting but Kate was in Virginia and Malcolm was in Miami. Kate went to Miami for Malcolm and he agreed to pay her $400 for coming and having a little fun. When she arrived, Malcolm knew he already became obsessed with Adult Finder. Kate was hot and she didn't seem shy at all. Malcolm had the money laid on the table for Kate. She counted the money and it was only $200. "What's this?" She asked irritated that he tried to play her. "I'm going to go to the bank later. Just wanted to see if you were real." Kate grew frustrated. "No, that's wasn't the agreement. We need to get it now!" Kate said not hiding any aggravation. "Calm the fuck down!" Malcolm said. He think he hated Adult Finder now that Kate was acting terribly. He wasn't going to jip her. "I'm fucking out of here and I'm keeping this $200!" Kate attempted to storm out the door but Malcolm pulled her hair to keep her from storming out with his money but she fell hard onto her head and became limpy. "Kate! Kate!" Malcolm screamed, immediately crying. This wasn't the plan.. Before anything got out of control, he went on Adult Finder and deleted his information. Something had to happen.
                                                       To Be Continued...