Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Exactly How Social Media Terminates Relationships

What is social media? Social media are those social websites like Twitter and Facebook where people come together online and share their life's pictures and status updates. Social media has been the main reason on how so many relationships have ended. People get back in touch with people from their past and causes their current relationship to be on the edge. 

Relationships are proven to form better without social media connections. One may monitor the other's page frequently because of insecurity or issues and it can just get pretty bad from there. One may flirt with some people they use to be involved with. Social media just makes it messy. One may want the other's password and it can get pretty ugly when defeat settles within one.

Without social media involved, relationships are better because trust issues are at a minimum when there are no social websites to check. One may be more interested in the social media rather than their partner so to make a relationship last, no social media should be involved.

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