Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lil Wayne Sick And Hospitalized!

Lately Lil wayne has been getting sick with seizures and having to be hospitalized. We really can't try to put the blame on something because he is the one who does a lot of reckless behavior when he's out partying. He parades how he uses drugs so him being sick is obviously the outcome. I'm not gonna lie, I damn near felt sorry for him because seizures seems pretty sincere to me. I think Lil Wayne uses drugs for some things he may be going through internally. Maybe he needs someone he can truly get it all out with.

Why I Think Lil Wayne Is Sick In The Head
He does a lot of stuff that just makes you think about him and not in a good way. I like some of the metaphors he use but it's time where I feel like I'm just done with listening to him. I believe he has a bit of intelligence as well. Him being hospitalized one time after the other is too much.

What I Did When Lil Wayne Was Hospitalized
I did get a little shocked because I hoped he was alright. I just think he needs to slow down a bit.