Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How To Stop Suicidal Feelings

If you're having suicidal feelings then there can be a number of reasons you have them. Many people with these types of feelings tend to be the anti-social types. When you isolate yourself from the world a lot and don't interact much, you won't have an active social life. You need to get out and get fresh air because that's healthy. You can go crazy without interacting with the world. No one needs to allow suicidal feelings to take over their body, mind or soul because it's usually temporary.

How To Suppress Suicidal Feelings

Take a walk outside
Hang out with someone you love and trus
Go to sleep
Watch a funny movie
Think positively

If you can do these things then you can easily rid your suicidal feelings. Taking your own life is a sin and why would you want to hurt yourself? Don't do it. Hope this helped.