Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Feminine Odor Remedies And Products | Jones's Blog

Feminine odor remedies can be stopped by numerous products but you need to know the best one for you. I had an odor before but I didn't want any feminine scented junk that would make it worse because you know you can't use artificial sweet scented stuff on your vagina. I searched for remedies but they were kind of high priced. I then came across a product called Rephresh and that worked miracles! My odor was gone and I felt feminine again. The Rephresh Gel has to be inserted in your vagina then you squirt it in from the bottom and watch how good it work!

This is the most simple remedy you could use and see instant results because my odor didn't show back up after using this product. Get your feminine conscience back! If you think you may have a STD then that needs to be checked but if you aren't sexually active, use this product and relieve your odor instantly. Don't ever feel like you're no longer feminine just because you have an odor. It's all about eating and drinkinf healthy to avoid this in the future, meanwhile use this product for your remedy. It can be found in CVS, Rite Aid and Walmart.